SCAMMERS. Be careful

So a fun story about a scam I had as a response to one of my wanted ads (that I wasn't fooled by) for some JCPenney's Duster MX decals here is the thread if anyone wants to know what I'm talking about

So this person (@CaliFAF) responds saying he has a set of the decals. He had only joined since last Friday and had no posts (most scammers seem to be new users with little to no activity) so I thought I'd have some fun and ask anyway. We get to talking I ask him to send me photos and he sends me photos of the "Duster MX" decals and tells me to let him know if I'm interested.

LOL. I had a major laugh seeing this. Upon researching more I found out these are actually photos stolen from a set of decals that are for sale on eBay right now.
I haven't responded back but I thought I might respond some more for fun and see what he'll say.

Moral of the Story: to anyone reading this if you've never met the person before and they are offering you something look at their profile, do your own research, and don't EVER send money to anyone without having a way of getting it back.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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Well so (CaliFAF) emailed me on Monday that he had the part I was looking "perfect condition". I asked for a picture so we could move forward.....then he was gone.....Maybe the moderators have access to his real name, address etc....this should be shared with all of
That (CaliFAF) person recently did the same thing to me. Told me could send me pics of an Arctic Cat "roller" he had for sale in "perfect condition" and first time around sent me pics of only a belt clutch assembly,then 2nd time around sent me pics of a complete restored bike that was not just a "roller".
Scammers are out in full force. Please be careful when making a purchase. If they are not Your Friend or Family, don't pay that way. They are especially hitting the wanted ads.
I always kind of thought of it as "Darwinism". If you are stupid enough to send a complete stranger funds by-passing all the PayPal buyer protection just to save a couple dollars, then you are ripe for the fleecing. I have some famous bridges you might be interested in buying too.

I think PayPal is doing away with the "Friends and Family" because they are so sick and tired of dealing with morons who because they were cheapskates trying to save a dime, opted not to pay for the buyer's protection but still think they deserve to be reimbursed after they get fleeced.

Now they are finally making it idiot-proof. No more Friends & Family. It sucks if you were really using the feature just for friends and family. Most weren't though.