Show off your advertizing pieces...


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Just got this vintage point of sale display box in along with some more fuel caps for my collection. It’s a little beat up but I will take what I can get . I had shown the caps in the past they were offering them as optional in 1969 ( I included some shot as seen in mini bike engines brochure from that year) and were available for awhile. They work of light prism to read the fuel level

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And this is not mini bike advertising, but it is vintage.


Sun-drop was initially created and manufactured in the town my family was from.

My Granddad, F. O. Costner...knew Mr. Nanny...the man who ran the Sun-drop company.

I was with Granddad, one day in the late 1960s, in his pickup truck. He pulled into the back driveway of the Sun-drop plant, and said he'd be right back.

A few minutes later he came out carrying this brand new, never hung Sun-drop sign !

I have cherished it ever since !

I sure miss my Granddad. :)