pickup a SNOWCO three wheeler and been trying to look up more info about it and the only real hard info i found on it, that it was made in the early to mid 70's and that it was called a mini scat and it would of came with a 2 1/2 hp motor. still not sure if that was a tecumseh or briggs? kind of thinking was a tecumseh, because the larger models i have seen them with the original tecumseh engines. most companys usually stick with one engine brand. i have not seen any of these mini scats posted and did a quick search with no luck at all. if they did have a 2 1/2 hp tecumseh? it would of been a rear mount tank with a side popper engine. front mount tank would of not work with the seat being right next to the engine. maybe someone has some nice original three wheeler mini scat pictures.:rolleyes:
it looks to still have the original brake handle and band/drum brake on it and thumb throttle looks correct too? also looks to have the original kill button mounted on top of the triple tree. the rear tires are double headed indian and the front too. front fender look like it was painted red with the same white strips has the fiberglass seat had. take look at the ID tag. model no.MS and serial no.01630
01630, 01=1971? 630 unit made?
not for sure on any of this? anybody know how to read the ID tags on snowco bikes:shrug:
here is the only hard info i could find from a Popular Mechanics Jun 1974
Popular Mechanics - Google Books
pictures may still be hard to tell,but this thing is small. even my stepson that is a normal size 13yr old kid can't even fit in it.:doah:

Now that's is a keeper but they were made for the 5 to 10 year old kids. Very desirable for Grand Fathers to give to the kids. More pictures please of the mechanicals top to bottom.
Steve :scooter:
sorry steve, thats only pictures i took of it. the only thing i didn't take a picture was the jackshaft/brake setup. bike must of been geared way down. on the jackshaft setup it has a large B sprocket and the final sprocket that is mounted on the left rear tire is large too. low gearing must of made it easyer to push the bike with the 2 1/2hp motor and help keep the speed down for the kids to ride safely.

thanks for the picture SnowcoFarmScat:thumbsup: whats the deal with this bike? i can't seam to find any info on it or pictures? i can find info on the bigger bikes ,but this one:shrug:
SnowcoFarmScat that picture you posted the engine looks to have a side mounted tank. i can't tell if thats round or square tank? and it looks like it had a rear exhaust with what it looks like a minibike header muffler maybe and not a side popper exhaust like was thinking at first.:shrug:
HA....HA...for sale yet. thats good one:thumbsup: try to get couple more pictures of the bike and jackshaft set in the next couple days or weekend.........ok:thumbsup:
here is some pictures of the bike snowco and steve that you where asking and anybody else that would like to see:thumbsup:
brake band looks to be factory. the only thing i can't figure out is the small bracket with the small hole drilled in it. maybe a chain cover bracket?
also you can see the large b sprocket that as 22t on the jackshaft and the final jackshaft sprocket was 11t and the large sprocket mounted on the wheel has 72t. even with the factory 2 1/2hp motor on it, would of pulled that trike all day with that type of gearing. thinking top end would of been around 15mph or so:shrug: perfect for a kid just starting out.

see the cables run thru a small gromet holes under the front seat.

little better picture of the kill switch. i think i will still install one at the handle bars so its little easyer for my son to kill it. i will still keep the original unit on the tripple tree.:thumbsup:

back wheels have a hex nut and pin that looks to hold a bearing that is grease able. not sure what type of bearing? maybe roller or brushing type?:shrug:

front wheel has a vintage mag with a double headed indian carlisle 5.30/450-6
Hello Delray Well like you said the gearing would be great for the little ones, but not the wild ones. LOL Thanks for the pictures of the business end they do help.
Steve :scooter:
SnowcoFarmScat, i am sure it was spelled hent wilde with corporation. they are still real nice looking,but i may have to check my mtd bikes foot pegs and see if they are the same brand name, yes my mtds use bicycle hand grips for foot pegs:doah: also may have to hit him up on the springs if they are the same has my wards/gilson forks springs?:thumbsup:
pick up a nice little 3.5hp side popper tecumseh with a 3/4 crankshaft that i hardly every see with, most have 5/8. the big thing was it had a side mount tank that i never see anymore. sometimes you can find them on 5hp gokart engines,but other then that, you just don't see alot of side mount setups. from what research i have found so far. the bike came originally with a side mount tank setup. i will have to replace the heat cover shield with a minibike round style air cleaner:thumbsup:

engine still has very low hours on it. as you can see in the picture it still has red paint on the original muffler.

has you can see in the picture the front mount tank style engine would never work with the seat and frame setup.

and yes,hunt was spelled with a U.........:doah:
had little extra time this weekend,so i pulled out my mini snowco and work on the clutch and brake set. the original setup that came on the bike was just trash out. they had the sprocket on the jack shaft up agains the drum brake...:doah: cut all the old out and refab the drum brake and new jackshaft sprocket away from each other. also got it running and gave it a little test drive with my feet/legs hanging way out....:laugh: this thing is small and really is made for a small kid. even with me on it the trike pulled real good. i may have to look for a larger sprocket like the original one,so i can help keep the speed down. trike is going way to fast for my son to start to learn how to ride it next summer maybe....:thumbsup:
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