Spoke with Joe Deboever of CCS!!!

So I called and talked to Joe Deboever the son of Norm Deboever the owner of the company that owned Central Cycle Supply. We spoke briefly about the company and the bikes they produced. He seemed like a busy guy but did say he was willing to dig up info that the company may still have concerning the CCS brand and photo copy scan any info they still have and send it to me. I could not be any more excited right now, I can't wait to receive the scans and hopefully be able to shed some light on this brand that is so elusive. Wish me luck everyone and fingers crossed it's a gold mine of information on these bikes.
Yes I will keep the forum posted and any info scan wise I will get into the ccs photo album for everyone to see. I still have tons of ccs bike photos on my facebook page "Central Cycle Supply - CCS charger mini bikes" I need to get over to the ccs album.
Excellent. Looking forward to any updates. One of the bikes we rode in 1970 on the "trails". Rigid frame in the rear, 5 HP briggs in place of the Tec HS40, had a Lil Indian 2 speed mini-matic attached and a Rupp 2 speed clutch cover as well. Boy I wished I had that now.
My buddy just picked up a very clean example of a CCS Charger 2. Has a front suspension fork.

Bike is very well made and fits tall people very well.

Looking forward to seeing some posts with more info and pics.
Who's that sprocket? I would love to have photos of it!!
I'll get some pics uploaded later today. It's a very straight frame and fork and was painted the original sea foam green. Has the original 4 inch Manco style mag wheels as well.

Lol, my buddy is actually a member on OldMiniBikes but never goes on and now that I think about it, I don't think he's ever made a post.
Cool, tjem are some nice bikes guys!!! Do either of your bikes have a stamping on the engine plate or an attached serial number plate on the forward left side od the engine plate?
Unfortunately the person who my buddy got the bike from junked the original white Tecumseh engine!!

I was like "are you a dumb ass" lol.

He claims it looked "crusty and was a weak 3.0hp anyway"

Some people I tell ya.
What a shame, the motors are the best way to date a bike unless you have the serial number and a list to cross reference with which I'm hoping to get from joe. Are your pegs the kind that have a bracket welded on the frame and they are foldable or do they have like a bolt on the end of the pegs that go through a small tube welded on the frame?
Oh okay I thought they didn't look right. I was thinking maybe it was a year or model I've never seen before which would have been cool. What kind do you think we're original.
I have no idea. The originals were missing and 3/4"tubes were welded on back farther. I'm not a big fan of solid weld on foot pegs. I wanted the girlfriend's bike to be safer for her so I made them folding.