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Does anyone have a source for good rear wheel sprockets? I'm on my third azusa #35 x 60 tooth and they are all brand new and not running true at all. Thanks for any help!
I would check axle/bearings for slop; if/when good, check hub run-out. A magnetic base dial indicator is a good thing to have on hand. Make sure the hub isn't the problem. What type of sprockets are these? (Azusa makes a variety) A stamped sprocket may warp from the stamping process (axial/lateral run-out), you may be able to tweak/straighten a warped sprocket. If a sprocket seems to be out of round (radial run-out), it may just not be centered on the hub if it doesn't fit the hub tightly. A hobbed/machined sprocket is going to be much better than a stamped sprocket, more money but worth it. There are companies, including Azusa, that make custom machined sprockets. If you're using an adapter/hub that uses kart-type split sprockets, Rocket Sprockets and others make machined sprockets for those (around $18-20 for Rocket).

FYI: An odd number tooth count is always a better choice than an even number.



Or just Google "custom sprockets".