Taco Jack Shaft - Cut it?


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Hey guys,

I’m working on a restoration (possible resto-mod, haven’t decided) on a Taco 44 (possibly 66 but won’t know for sure until I get the paint off) and the jack shaft needs to be removed.

The set screw for the 18 tooth sprocket must’ve stripped out at some point in the past because it has been welded onto the shaft.

My question to you is - any reason I should try and save this shaft vs putting a new one on? I know a new one won’t be original but I can’t replace bearings or clean it up without removing it so I’m inclined to cut it out.

Thanks for your input!



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This silly bike has all sorts of surprises. Just learned that the front fork springs are welded.

That’s gonna be a unique fix


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Thanks Hounddog,

Here are a handful of pictures that I took.

I have stripped the engine, seat, wheels, and cables off. And today I started on the forks and fork legs and one of the springs snapped off while the other remained firmly welded in place on the fork.

When the lighting is better, I will get you a better pic.

The jack shaft has me a bit worried with that sprocket welded on so it’s gonna be an interesting challenge to fix that one.

I’m half tempted to cut it out and find a replacement though.

F6AED93C-17A6-4ACE-9FD7-8CF8187F06C3.jpeg 1B051381-FA00-4C3A-9FBD-169070F34FA6.jpeg 003B9B0A-5448-409C-930B-0E9C1EB9F211.jpeg 3B4E43C7-ED79-4666-9162-B53B86054944.jpeg 1E066134-5381-4F04-AC9E-E916D9C05E7A.jpeg 868C1803-F15C-4744-8A36-8F27C5B1ADE1.jpeg


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I would take a measurement end to and and cut it, being careful of spacers (if any) and the frame work. The jackshaft is nothing significant and can be bought in various lengths. Hopefully you can leave some room near the bearing areas to clean the shaft with a wire wheel and debur etc.. so you can get the shaft pieces pushed through the bearings.

On the front forks are you just seeing section of spring that they weld on to the lowers that you coil the spring into or did they physically weld the lower spring to that?

Side note, Try to salvage the front tire as it appears to be in decent shape still....even if you dont plan to use it. Rear looks like its coming apart. The eliminators are really hard to find and are sought after in certain circles. One is just as good as two, you may have noticed in a lot of catalog photos that they used them on just the front on many models so guys that have bikes that are displayed more than ridden would have interest in it even if your not.