Tecumseh 8HP Electronic Ignition Question

Hello... Looking for comments and suggestions for changing my 1974 Tecumseh 8HP motor over to Electronic Ignition. Original to my Super Bronc, but going through everything now to get it running and wondering if conversion is a good idea. I've heard that there may be issues with the pickup "if the mag is under the flywheel it has very limited success" is the quote. I am only coming up to speed on these wonderful mini vehicles and can use all the help I can get.
If it is recommended does someone have a source for my engine Specs?
which are...
1974 Tecumseh 8HP
HM80 - 155174F

Thank you all in advance
I saw your earlier post asking the same question. I checked your model number and it crosses to a solid state ignition-equipped engine. Apparently you've seen points, so someone either swapped shrouds, or I'm all screwed up in my Googly-Doogly. I've looked into this subject several times over the years.

I have never seen a successful conversion from points to solid state on a Tecumseh engine. The reason for this is because those engines are not timed at TDC (crank-flywheel keyway) so any spark generated (without getting into magnet polarity issues) is not going to be in time, resulting in an engine that runs poorly, or not at all. The points themselves are what determines the timing, not advancing or retarding a magneto.

Your shroud/model number question not withstanding, the points ignitions work fantastically in these engines. I use points type ignition in all of my higher performance built Tecumseh engines. The magnetos are very robust, as are the rest of the components.

At the head of the Tecumseh chapter you found to get here is a link to the Tecumseh manual that gives you methods and specifications for timing these engines. Slightly frustrating the first time around, but once you play with it a few times, it all makes sense. You need the tools, ohm meter, buzz box, etc and a means of measuring piston depth. Or, there are some very talented engine builders on this forum who can do pretty much anything with them.
The ability to set actual ignition timing far outweighs any advantage of electronic ignition.

If your set up has 12volt battery and charging system, you could fab up a really nice electronic ignition using a chrysler or GM HEI ignition module and coil. A lot of effort, just to eliminate points.