Tecumseh HS40 W/ Dellorto Carburetor


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So I got a HS40 this evening from a buddy and I have never seen this color motor with a lightning coil. I didnt know till I got home and saw it has a Dellorto carburetor on it. Just curious exactly what I have and did this motor come with a lightning coil? Looks pretty original to me. Thanks in advanced. ✌


Tecumseh had manufacturing in Italy for a couple of years for their engines. Dellorto made the carbs for them, don't know how that stray got on a US made engine, it could be due to a production shortage at the time or a replacement part. After that short run overseas extra inventory may have been sold off to Tecumseh in USA.


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looks to be a 1984 motor. more then likely it was a replacement motor for a minibike. for couple reasons with out looking into the numbers. rear fill only for the oil. so guy could run it on a slat mount engine plate. also has a bearing crank and lighted coil for lights.
i'm sure some of the other guys will chem in too. for the carb and intake that's off of something else.


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It would have been one of these, with possible exception to crankshaft/flywheel (this if from 1981).

The 55499's I believe were the slanted w/lighting standard MB engine number into the 80's, One thing though is the H parts list online has some issues so I would verify the crankshaft taper and or flywheel nut size. yours is supposed to have the later large taper shaft, but I question that looking at one of your pics...that may be just the angle I see it at though. what size socket fits your flywheel nut and how long is the PTO?

Someone has simply robbed/swapped the angled intake/carb assembly off it as well as the 33224 angled exhaust. The Dell, like mariah said was something they used mainly overseas, you would see them here on Broncco's since they use the Aspera version Tecs and judging by color of intake and carb, they pulled it from a Broncco Renegade as they were setup like that instead of a slanted intake (top right photo) picture thanks to davidsleds.com site: