Thanks Metal Man

Just have to say how much fun it was tonight to meet Metal Man (Rob). I had a blast looking and learning from you and thanks again for the pump you sold to me:thumbsup: It is going to work out great. B
was fun to meet and talk with you too byron :thumbsup: glad you like the pump and may it work for you for years to come .
on the pump motor something i forgot to tell ya :doah:its still in the early break in (first 200 hours )so maybe run it a little and change the oil out . it had a oil change last fall but new oil wouldnt hurt .:thumbsup:

oh the tec motor you got maybe post a pic and we can figure out what it is . there should be numbers on it some place on the top of the shroud by the head bolts would be a good place to look .
on your carb leaking drop the bowl and see if the float maybe has a hole in it and has taken on fuel as that some times happens if it has let me know and i get ya one i got a few spares .
if ya need anything else let me know and ill see what i can do for ya :thumbsup: