The 2019 Windber minibike raffle build

I tried something a little different just now. I watered down some coarse buffing compound and used a paper towel and attempted to remove overspray from the chrome serial number tag. It worked
I was alittle nervous but went with very light down pressure on it and it slowly disappeared. The raffle bike will have the origanal ID tag on it
I will spray adhesive the decal back on bike tomorrow.
Jim. The 20th Anniversary Reunion is a great idea. We could maybe put this on one the tank or fender. I will post a picture of tank width and fender width.
Jim. If we put one on the gas tank it could be as long as 3 1/2"s. And about 1" wide
Fenders could only be about 3" long. Would these measurements work out for the extra lettering this year.
Today was like Christmas. I got a phone call yesterday saying that the parts were chromed and the day before i got a message saying the hubs and brake backing plate were burnished. Karen sent me some new snaps for putting seat on. Today everything is here. Thank you Sam Bennett for getting the hubs and backing plate done so fast and Karen Krause for sending the snaps.