The 2019 Windber minibike raffle build

I have a question that i have been tossing around in my head. To kill the motor?
Now do i go 100% correct and use the kill tab only on motor or should i also wire in a kill button on the handle bars ?
Rick - I too am with Jim / Delray & Manchester - put the kill switch on for safety sake ! Nothing will ever detract from the quality, care and love you have devoted into this build ......... someone is going to be very very proud to win that bike !
I was thinking the same thing as all of you but just wanted all of your opion on this. Handle bar kill switch will be added. I will wire it now before flywheel goes on.
Just a reminder that donations for the build of this bike are a big help. So even if you only have a couple of bucks it all adds up. Even $10 or if you could do $10 a month for the next 5 months. I try to send a little extra whenever I get parts from Rick to go towards the raffle bike. He is donating a lot of time and expense for this and its a great thing he is doing. So help out if you can.Thanks