The Cricket


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This is a 1st for me.. I thought it might be front wheel drive but its not. How does it handle.:shrug: Like the badge to..
Whats funny is when I seen it I thought, wait until oldsledz looks at this. Then I looked again and it's yours.:laugh: That's right down your alley.
HA!! Thats friggin cool.. :thumbsup: Best part is you can enter into those (Michigan Made only) shows and win trophies with it and stuff being it's MI made rare and and cool and all..


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It handles ok, but is not vary fast 18.2 MPH according to my GPS on a paved road.
It has a jack shaft so it could be geared for more speed.
Yeah, that's kinda cool. Don't take offense, but it looks like those bowling alley ball return, seat thingy-ma-jigs. Hang on to that for sure.
Know this thread is old, but there is still another Cricket around, have one all original in my backyard, needs restoration though. This thread might be my motivation to do the restoration!