The Official Tom Thumb and Micro Bike Thread

BID on and won an original unused O&R gas tank last night on Evil Bay and won. Then I wondered if I was bidding against any of the members--Jerry? Still gathering parts!
Things are starting to take shape. Picked up a running pocket bike today for $50--will strip it on New Years Day(no life!). Lots of good parts--motor and drive for the Tom Thumb.Now have rounded up hubs and wheels, axle, hangers, tires and engine--soon as I get frame I am good to go!
Well it seems like all the cool kids are building micro mini bikes so I guess I will have to step up to the plate and take a swing lol
I didn't want to do the traditional TomThumb so I looked at all the different bikes and in the photo gallery and decided on the uniqueness of the Powell's.
It's not going to be as small as a T-thumb for the Powell's are a large bike to start with.
I started the frame and forks today and picked up the wheels.
I will prob start a build thread on it in the project logs when I take some pictures.


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Just picked up a FLEE, not "vintage" but modeled somewhat after the Lil Petro. Unbelievably, its quite fast AND very easy to drive:thumbsup:

Guy I got it from took the tank off cause he didn't want to clean it out, luckily he still had it sitting in the shed :thumbsup:

Here it is next to a mini bike

I dunno if these guys are still around (mini bike world) they made the Johnny freestyle too, Heres a vid of the Flee:

[YOUTUBE]Minibike World presents The Flee - YouTube[/YOUTUBE]
TRKs place is like a musium,ive been ther,its realy neat! things all over the place,i spent some ther,i hope he keeps the suecycle for me! its neat :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::smile::smile::smile:
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quiz, who can tell me that kind/car or truck, did trk get the taillite from,
lets see who gets the correct anser FIRST :smile:
the tom thum above a little.
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sorry but no, but of corse its off a USA built car,from some place called
mich detriot /////?????

your to young manchester,sorry,BUT i bet someone in your famley might
just might have had one,back in the day ! thanks for trying,old wayne :smile: