The Official Tom Thumb and Micro Bike Thread

They’re Cool! There’s a nice set of 4” Go Powers on E Bay right now that would look good on a Micro.
You mean were... Hahahaha, Got'em, Karen can't be the only one in town with a nice set of GP wheels!. I also snagged up those 4" Hands wheels too, thought about the 4" Fox wheels but one had a chip in the bead. I love small, the smaller the better, I don't know what it is, I'm just big on small is all.

I just ordered (2) 5/8" dies for my JD2 bender, $440 bucks!, OUCH!. I got the 2.25" CLR 180 Deg and the 4.50" CLR 180 Deg, the 2.25" will be for the side frame rails and forks, the 4.50" will be for the top and bottom hoops. I plan to start making some frames as soon as I am done with my RCF Micro. The plan for the Tom Thumb bikes will be to use the 8" caster wheels from Northern Tool and either one of those Subaru/Robin 47cc clone pocket bike engines or a GoPed engine seeing how they have mounting holes on the crankcase. I like the 47cc clone, it reminds me of the old Clinton Panther engines but the GoPed engine kind of has a Tecumseh look to it, I ordered both so we'll see!. I don't like the idea of the tuned pipe, to me it makes it look to much like a pocket bike so I ordered a box muffler and an R/C truck pipe to experiment with.