The Official VINTAGE Snowmobile, Ski Machine and Sled Thread

^ That's a good grass drag shot. :thumbsup: My friends uncle has a couple mercury snow twisters and a auto ski midget that he races. I'll have to get some pics. :thumbsup:
Here's a pic of my friend Terry with his Farmall A towing a trailer with 4 of his vintage sleds at our town's centennial parade this summer. There's a skiroule, a john deere, a skidoo olympic, and a sno-jet.

That's a cool way to make a minibike/snowmobile. :thumbsup: Kinda looks like the the track and tunnel from a kitty kat or something. :shrug:
Hey guys nice pics of wacoina ive been there the last 3 yrs running... the one pic even caught my brother in law. Next yr is yamaha and im getting my 81 srx running for it i also have a running raider hawk and non running 71 rupp magnum 440 i bought from a kid on OldMiniBikes