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That is an awesome piece of engineering. Wardog, have you ever ran the bike using just the front wheel drive? I am curious how front wheel drive only compares to rear wheel drive only.
Thanks guys.

The bike weighs about 275lbs, so yea, pretty heavy. I haven't been able to get it stuck...... yet.

The key slipped out of the rear drive sprocket one time and front wheel drive only doesn't make much difference just cruising around. I haven't tried front only off road.

I finally got some footage of this thing off road. My wife got a few short clips of me riding down at the river before the chain broke. Everyone said #50 chain is overkill, but the one tiny section on #41 between the engine and jackshaft broke.

Couple pics.

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I so badly want a Rokon.
I so badly do not want to pay over $7,000.00 for a new one.
I'd love to find an old one for a good price.
That hasn't happened, and I've been looking for a few years.
I think a Pak-Jak would do everything I need.
Yard Marvel Mountaineer Trail Style Bike

Yard Marvel Mountaineer Trail Style Bike

Original gear system (as far as I can tell) (ball knob is on the shifter lever, just not shown in pics)
Comet clutch (copy)
Custom seats
Original tires
Briggs (6hp?)

I still need to fab up the sheet metal fairing for the rear rack bottom and the sides. The carb does seem to leak a little when off, so I turn the fuel off at the sediment bowl. The engine seems to run rich, I don't have the skills to do anything about it.
That may be Richard. I listed this as an Autio just going off of the post on page 4 of this thread. The front section of frame looked similar, but I've never seen one before. If it weren't for the cool power pony badge I wouldn't have any idea!