The Taco Steens never built

Always wondered why Steens used an advertisement of a mini that they never built, so I built one. Honda 90 with automatic 4 speed, gas tank from propane gas bottles, flip top gas cap, part of the frame was from a 60's Australian built mini (name now escapes me) bought off Ebay.
bet it’s quick….very cool.
Thanks for all the positive comments. This bike rides very nice, well balanced and quite quick. You never know how a build will turn out. Some build thoughts. Constructed the forks from scratch as the frame is very wide at the neck. The gas tank has as curved inlet from exhaust tubing, flip top cap from a boat. Brazed together the two gas bottles, then hung on the frame with large tubing pinch clamps. Rear frame engine mounts come apart to get the engine in/out. The hand brake lever operates the front disc and rear drum simultaneously thru a split cable from a 4 wheeler. Modified the stock swing arm to fit the large tire, sprocket and the drum brake arrangement. All electrical in a box under the seat. Seat is a modified motorcycle unit. One issue that I couldn't rectify was the upper rear shock location, which is in front of the rear down tube in the sketch. This location made the shocks to wide and attachment points very complex. Oh well a sketch is easy, reality in steel is well, more...difficult. The TACO on the clutch side cover is painted on and the tank decal (MINI BIKE TACO) was just a guess on format as you can't make out detail in the sketch. Painted Taco purple to match my Taco 100 with I purchased new in 1970 from San Francisco Yamaha. Still have it. That 100 made my and I'm sure others early teen years unforgettable. This current mini made my late 60's and maybe will build some memories for the grandkids.