this just shows how tough they are...

got this Jiang Dong 5.5 from the junkyard a few weeks ago. was on a rototiller that the gearbox stripped out on. looks to have sat outside for years. took the gas tank off as it was so rusty it leaked. yes, if you were wondering, it runs. just cleaned the carb. aint got a video but maybe in the next couple of weeks I can get one. the oil was black and gritty, but still full. does anybody know where these were sold? maybe harbor freight before the greyhounds were there? still not sure what ill be doing with it but for $10 I couldn't leave it there when it still turned over and had spark. wont fit in the mini I currently have. but hey, you can always use an extra engine! (I have quite a few 'spare' engines)
BTW the engine is in my covered entryway to the house, not my livingroom, the engines too dirty for that. still sitting on carpet though.



Banned - Must pay $500
:thumbsup: Can't beet 10 bucks.

Ya, A buddy picked up a chainsaw free, that was being thrown away.

Cleaned the carb, runs and works great !
Jiangdong is made in China.
Jingsu Jiangdong Improt Export LTD. China
Top 500 China producer of low power diesel and gas engines, generators and farm equipment. via Bing...


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