Tim Coughlin trinik7597 & Briggs Animal MIA

This pains me greatly that it has comes to this....but i'm unfortunately left with no other choice.

Rewind 3 Years.....YES 3 YEARS. I made a road trip out to Pennsylvania to pick up a load of bikes from several people. (Late FEB 2016) I Purchased a new Briggs Animal that I wanted modified and Tim agreed to do it. I dropped the engine off at Rays (ironhonkey) as Tim was going to be making a trip to Rays soon, and we agreed it would be an easy way to get it to him. ALL IS GOOD !!! Tim picked it up quickly and the work began on it. Parts that I didnt have at that time were quickly ordered and sent to Tim.
Here is the link to the original build Thread Tim Posted Posted on April 2016 https://oldminibikes.com/forum/index.php?threads/briggs-animal-build.128295/

Time went on and on the engine build was eventually completed. Tim kept me updated fairly good during it. (with pics sent via Text)
At this point Tim wanted to get it started and tuned in. I was paitent and gave Tim his time. After a while and numerous texts about getting it started and tuned...my concerns started to grow but I stayed positive. Weeks were turning into months and months into year(s). He assured me "It will be done soon" or always something to that affect. At this point I told him numerous times to just send it and I will get it tuned in myself. Numerous texts were sent with always the same thing "I should be able to get it out soon" or something similar. NO text saying "SHIPPED" or a Tracking # ever happened.

Fast forward to March of 2018. Another road trip out to Pennsylvania to pick up a load of bikes including a couple I had purchased from Tim. I though perfect....heres my chance to get the engine. Tim agreed to make the trek from his place to meet me at the hotel I was staying at in Penn to get the bikes and the engine !!! All goes smooth and we arrive at the hotel and kick back for a while. I'm excited to finally meet Tim in person, get my bikes and get my engine. Tim eventually arrives....we unload the bikes and then he tells me something like "I didn't bring your engine as I really want to tune it in myself" and assured me it would be done soon and will be shipped shortly....and I really wanted to belive him. He texts me later when he gets home and wants money for gas....understandable as it was quite a drive for him...$80 sent.

So time goes on (another year) and still the same things....empty promises and excuses (see pics...this is just a small sample) and now no replies at all.

So here we are at this point and it seems like its probably long over due. I think I have been more then paitent and feel i'm out of any other options.

Tim 1.png Tim 2.png Tim 3.png Tim 4.png Tim 5.png Tim 6.png Tim 7.png Tim 8.png
Tim 9.png
Tim 10.png
I'll give a comment.. That's bullshit.. It takes literally 15 minutes to properly box and ship an engine... there is something wrong here.. @trinik7597 , ship the **d damn engine please...
I've been waiting for a member here to ship me an engine I paid for almost a month ago.. and I'm about to blow it up for that... I can't imagine waiting 3 years.. @derekbmn , Great documentation and I give you props for being so patient and trying to work through it.


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Before we get a rash of bullshit comments on here if Derek wants to post all the shit I have done for him over the years as a friend or just a kind gesture then we can talk !!!
Before we get a rash of bullshit comments on here if Derek wants to post all the shit I have done for him over the years as a friend or just a kind gesture then we can talk !!!
Send him his engine. You've had some good relationships with people on this forum, and I hate to see you losing the goodwill and reputation you worked so hard to achieve. I don't think you are going to get any mileage by using kind gestures as an excuse for not keeping your word to a friend. Derek's a stand up guy. I thought you were too.


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right now it looks like your under the bus tim. just send him the engine and I wouldn't be charging him shipping either.
you know as well as anybody else. if you don't fix the problem the bullshit and comments will keep coming and the second set of bus tires are going to get you.
yes, I am too going to comment about derek. this is the first time I have ever seen derek comment anything negative on this website in all the years he as been here.
little birdie told me tim you built another engine for someone else in the past and said it had certain parts in it and he found out later when he took it apart that it didn't.
yes i'm painting a picture of you.
I’m just going to say I’ve had nothing but good deals with both parties. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but three years can’t be justified by any means. Tim, if you feel Derek owes you for something in the past, tell him and settle it. The issue at hand is the engine not previous favors. If assembly and tuning fees or timeframes weren’t discussed they should have been and you’re both at fault for that. Dude, three years? I consider you a friend and stand up guy by our dealing and I just can’t help but think pride or miscommunication got in the way here. As I said in my texts if I can help in ANY way just ask.
That sucks,I had a similar experience with a local clown, a seat and an engine,except I DID get my stuff back. He took about a year to tell me the engine wasnt rebuildable. Hell, I knew it was worn,I though he would sleeve it? He took months more before I realized he would NEVER recover my seat. He asked me 10 times which pattern I wanted,I reminded him 20 times the pattern is written on a post it stuck to the seat.. He totally dropped the ball. Very disappointing,hes supposed to be the go to guy in Detroit for seats. I went and picked up my stuff soon as I could get there,its quite a drive from my home. I've heard similar stories about him since