Timing Help!!!

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Back to the basics...any grit on the valve seats, proper tappet clearance, use soapy water to check for head gasket leaks. Turn engine backwards and listen at the ports for leakage through the valves. If your cylinder is worn out of round the new rings could be allowing too much compression blow by. If you can spin the engine with a drill to get it running the rings may seat enough to get it going with the pull start. Did you stagger the ring gaps during assembly?
The valves are clean, valve clearance is good, no leakage through the valves that I can hear. The ring gaps are staggered the way they should be. I will check for a head gasket leak today. Thanks.
Compression rings installed upside down? Or worse yet are the rings sitting on the table upside down? (Just kidding) this got my brain fried thinking about it!
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I am still teaching so I put it off until school is out. Then I can really spend time on it. Tomorrow is my last day.
Just another thought, when you tested for spark, did you use one of the Oregon-type in-line spark testers with the orange light? It would verify that you have continuous spark. Just something that is easy to check before teardown.
Intake gasket leakage causing a lean condition? It might run a bit longer with an intake leakage test, like pop twice, or three times.
I know I’m late to this, just a couple of thoughts.