Today's impulse buy

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Figured it wouldn't run based off the pics and the kid selling it said the throttle was fucked up. Got it home, 15 minutes later my housemate was riding it up and down the street. I'm 260lbs and that little 2.5 horse engine does not want to pull me at all. It's number 3 in line for projects right now so it's going to sit for awhile. I'm leaning towards putting a 5hp Briggs flathead in it right now.

Paid $200 for it. That's a decent price for around here.

Also had minibike jamboree day #2 yesterday. It was only the 3 of us and we did probably 8 miles of riding, even hit some main streets. My housemate's DB lost a caliper bolt and broke the caliper maybe a mile or so into it. Went back the house and he rigged it with a zip tie. No issues after that. Was fun.

When you do stupid shit like wearing wigs, people laugh instead of getting mad about the grown ass men riding around on mini bikes.

Left to right... My CT200U with a stage 2 Predator 212, an Azusa frame with an 8hp Tecumseh flathead, my housemate's Doodlebug with a 196cc clone.

Hey, Strigoi! I'm not the site owner, but your language is getting a little salty, and we don't need to be teachin' kids anything they shouldn't learn too early.

Just sayin'.....Roger