Vintage Tote Gote 760

Sorted the front end.. Replacing the 6 straight slotted 1/4-20 x 3/16 screws was a treat.. had to purchase some 3/8 long as that's all I could find in a vintage screw... I had to make a fixture and grind them to size.. add 1 more trip to the Hardware store to the list.. but its done and I have attached a before and after front end shot... 20190101_095918.jpg 20190210_111142.jpg
I got the bike in the Garage, the rear fender is attached and I have the justrite light stick headlight installed.. Its possible I might wrap this guy up next week, if the weather gets nice... 20190216_144017.jpg 20190216_144159.jpg 20190216_144152.jpg 20190216_144208.jpg