Trail King photos from the early 50's

I'm still researching the history of the bikes. Not much to go on but I found that Homelite did not make or design the bikes ,that was done by Clayton B. Merry Equipment Manufacturing Company ( maker of the well known Merry Tiller ) of which I own one today. Built like a tank.
The company was really into wheeled farming type devices in the late 40's.
I'm looking into patent drawings to try to find when the first bike was submitted for a patent number and or prototype made.
Hi Everyone- I also came here looking for more info on Trail King history. Glad to have found a relevant thread that isn't ten years old lol. Pictured is my second Trail King, and it's got a serial # stamped in the side of the frame on the lower tube under the engine on the right hand side (RA101). I never heard of the Merry Tiller Co before and didn't know Homelite had sourced these bikes from someone else. I understand Homelite was in WA State. I can't imagine these things pre dating Tote Gotes. Love the thing though, and always hoping to find more info on them. Never saw one of those balloon tire models before but oh wow that looks plush. Obviously ours isn't original but I'm not mad- It runs great. Trail King 2.jpg