Trail Rider 212

So I have been wanting to get a mini bike going for a long time and the boys on Cars & Cameras didn't necessarily help with that either. I've been looking for good opportunities to arise to take advantage and a couple days ago I found a vintage frame with a unknown engine ready for work. I knew going into that frame that it was going to get a 208 or 212 engine when the time was right.

Yesterday I was looking through the ads and came upon a guy selling a bike with a Predator 212 for $250 CAD. Sent him a message saying I'll come get it for $180 and made the deal and was picked up today. This project is not going to be a quick as well its the middle of winter for us Canadians and its -20c without the wind.

Thanks to the good folks around here we may have narrowed the old frame down to a PA Trail Rider bike era 72-74 and the new bike... well no idea the make or model but it comes with a Predator 212. It will be interesting fitting that engine in the old frame simply because of the sizes! LOL.

Will be interesting to see how the old frame takes the new engine.

Old Bike:

New Bike: