Trailblazers' - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

They're back!

So here is the story. In 2016, a group of my students from my program entered the Minibike Build-Off. They had a great time, learned a lot and it went so well that I decided to incorporate it into my program. The rule was, that when the time came to enter the build-off, my students had to give me 100 percent Monday-Thursday and on Fridays, they would work on the bike. As I said earlier, it went very well the first year. The next year did not go as well. The group of students that I had, in short, struggled with staying focused. True to my word, they did not get to work on the bike and eventually dropped out of the build-off. Move forward to 2021. A couple of those students from 2017 are now seniors and are again in my program. The other day, they asked me about the bike they had tried to restore and wondered what had happened to it. I told them that it was still at my house in pieces waiting to be finished. To my surprise, they asked if they could finish it! I thought it was a great idea so here it is. “Team Trail Blazers” Trail Horse Minibike from the 2017 OldMiniBikes Biker Build-Off! This picture is of the frame in my living room waiting to go to school. I am bringing everything in tomorrow I will have my students take pictures and start posting as they complete the bike. If we can find the password!