Tri Rod help needed

Hi all. Newbie here. I just picked up this Tri Rod and know absolutely nothing about it other than it has a 8hp dual circuit electrical system. It also has dual shocks all around and a rear independent suspension. Anyone know if this is the original engine?? It looks like each rear brake has it's own lever?? Electric start. No seat. My u-joint is a big rubber donut (2). Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I don't know why it's sideways???



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Nice find! I have one like it and it has the 4 shocks and donuts too. The dual circuit would be would be one to the front and one to the rear lights. But I would run one to the battery and the other to the lights. I see you did not get the roll bar did you get the ski? The picture of mine is with my son driving he is 6' 2" and a little over 300. I do not have any pad on my seat it does have a snap ring around the seat. Mine had no engine so I put a 10hp Tech electric start on it. As far as I can find it is a early STR-381 nothing else has the 4 shocks.


The picture is side ways because you took the picture with your phone "straight up and down". Ask me how I finally figured that out. Lol. Hold your phone sideways.


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They did come with an 8hp engine and at a quick glance everything seems pretty original
Looks to be in decent shape too.
i have one (that I need to freaking finish already) with a predator 420cc 13hp on it
Fairly simple overall, but nice find
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