Tule Trooper Big Boy Build


Haven’t posted here in a awhile, but I’m starting a new build of a Tule Trooper. I’ve always wanted one of these utilty bikes and happened across this one. Really nice frame and all the important parts are there. I’ve started disassembly with the most critical part that makes this bike special, the hi/lo 2 speed gear box. I disassembled it and cleaned it out and checked all the gears and luckily everything looks great inside, so I put it back together and sealed it all up. If anyone has a period correct 5 or 6 hp Briggs I’d be interested. The motor on it runs good and I think has the original updraft carb, but is a newer model. I also need a kickstand and if anyone has any pictures of what an original stand looks like I’d like to see it.

Some pictures
E93A1A67-FEC1-4C62-84D2-3AC37EAC7F18.jpeg 5D9A5D1F-68C9-437B-ABF8-72E7506ED36D.jpeg 4D1F4F95-5977-449B-8B1B-861B758EEAE6.jpeg EB9C4BBB-4EA5-412C-851C-7117A416A2A5.jpeg 6B9A0FA1-972C-4628-B330-C2BE90FD0369.jpeg EDCB742C-6C84-44A7-83FE-A46E39A47809.jpeg


Good deal. I've always liked the design of these bikes. Looking forward to seeing your progress. :thumbsup:

Thanks guys, as long as there is some interest I’ll post up progress, likely to be slow as I’ve usually got 4 or 5 irons in the fire, lol, but I plan building this to keeper standards so it should be nice
I really like the simple design of these bikes. I always wondered if they bend or tweek because they do not have enough support to the steering head. Does yours shows signs of reverse sway back?