Turf lawn riding roller w/ Briggs engine

going out to pick it up on the way to visit one of my sons,worked out good, its about 3 1/2 hours ride but the wifes been bugging me to go see one of our sons so I better do what she wants and on the way I'll pick up my 10.00 toy, some days it works better than you thought it might, thanks JustEnough for putting it up to see.
minibikefever - tell us what it is like to ride it. The transmission looks a lot like a Cushman. That hardtail looks like it is not suited for long rides.
this is gonna be a fun project...today.I went out to the garage that I put it in when I brought it back home and played with it for about 10 minutes and got it going, backed it out of the garage and was letting it sit there and idle when it stalled out after a couple minutes, I pushed it back in with plans to spend some time on it friday, I'll post some pics when I get started on its make over, the ape hanger handlebars are pretty cool, the front of the machine is meaty with a large wide tire I want to see what it will drive through before I decide what to do with it, we have our first snow coming if its a tank I'll unbolt the roller and cage and fabricate a deer drag or lawn wagon????????