Upright Position of Tecumseh air cleaner on my Skat Kitty

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Hey, does anybody know what this was originally on? I’m talking about the air cleaner adapter putting the air cleaner in an upright position. How do you think it looks on the Skat Kitty? I’ll be putting on a chrome air cleaner for the resto. Thanks! 247CAFB2-7CA3-40FD-96E8-727995E569C9.jpeg 37D0A0CD-E425-460D-90E8-4089A888118B.jpeg DC22C0CC-DDE1-4E63-834E-F8927C5CCEC7.jpeg 71C62788-1688-4369-A37F-6B25CDA696BB.jpeg
Kinda looks like the old style "oil bath" air filters on the old Briggs and Stratton engines. A nice throw back look For a Skat Kitty. I like it.
Oh, you meant the adapter. Lol. Looks like from a Briggs.
Sorry I was not more clear in my response. Yep, I did not know what kind of filter it was, just turning it vertically instead of the normal horizontal position,made it appear like the old oil bath Briggs air cleaners they had back in the 50's and 60's. Now that I think about it, my old Troy Built tiller had a big Tecumseh engine with a foam air filter like that one. How about an update on your Skat Kitty ? Take care. THANKS!


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Its just a 90 degree elbow (they offered 4 different ones for various applications), and if you did some research you would see that they were actually a standard item on the majority of skat kitties due to air cleaner fitment, may even be listed on your engine parts lists since you engine does appear to be orignal, (hint It will be item #156 and on page 2 or 3 of the parts explosions if its still loaded up onto the internet).