Vintage Broncco Tx6 Mini Bike $500obo

I have a Vintage Broncco Tx6 Mini Bike I’m trying to sell. It’s I think a late sixties to early 70’s model. It’s been in a barn for the past ten years collecting dust. I’d love to restore this thing myself but I don’t have the money nor the time and I hate to see this thing sitting around rusting away to nothing when there’s is someone out there that could give it the much needed tlc it needs. It is in definitely in need of restoration. The bike is 95 percent complete. I’m missing the left side engine cover, the brake light, and the rear fender I’ve not located yet, but the rest of the bike is there. The engine is stuck but the tires both still hold air and have good rubber left on them. The tires aren’t dry rotted. I’m not sure what someone would be willing to pay for this thing but I’ve been doing a lot of research. If anyone is interested in this bike I currently have it listed for $500 or best offer. The price is negotiable and I am open to trades. The bike is currently located in Terre Haute, Indiana and the purchaser will have to arrange for pickup or shipping. I will post pics. Thank you.