Vintage Class: Lil Indian of NorthEastMetal.

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Couple more progress photos. Still on the metal work phase. New tube and bushings for the front fork assy. Front end is nearly finished. Wheels arrived today so we'll have a roller soon.
Looks good, you've had me since hello, Please don't use those Carlisles....instead use some cheapies you can do burnouts with and we'll talk($$) for the C's :deal:
oldrelics: Sorry guy but the C's must be used on one of my machines as they were gifted to me by my dear Uncle, along with an 8hp Briggs flathead which will be mounted on my Lil Indian Outlaw II chopper. Will save the burn-outs for the chopper.

Others: Thanks for the compliments, it's a fun project that should pick up speed here over the next couple weeks.

I'm digging the 4 inchers on this frame. Spacers needed for axle bolts then more prep on the frame and forks. I've decided on a color but you'll have to wait and see at the end.
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