vintage class make?

nah Cheezy sent his cinder block out to get chromed :lol:

that's a nice little Bird bike ya got there kid with a vintage Briggs :drool:

looks like you even got the disc caliper.... or lose or draw your gonna have a cool little ride when you're done :thumbsup:
Nice old garage build...... tools scattered around the floor...that was me 40 years ago.....when that kid gets to be old like me he'll remember that bike fondly. :thumbsup:

Hey Kyle, can you get a close up of that blue tag on the side of the motor....I like to read those old decals........

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Sure Kustom Kart I took one of it along time ago and I found the shop that use to service it. The guy said he bought those people out in the 70's. It's still a small engine place today. How cool is that! Very good eye sir:thumbsup:
Ok guys so Robert made some head way on his build today getting the original 5inch wheels and tires apart. The tires are way cool. They are old Goodyears with a vey cool looking tread. Next step for Robert is to clean the tires up new tubes and then off to the grit blast cabnet then final step will be fresh powder coat back to white can't wait to see whats next great job kid!:thumbsup:
All right guys ,so Robert is working at a turtles pace, but has made alittle progress here is a pic. of Robert cutting and moving the motor plate forward so the deep briggs tank will clear the back wheel .:grind:
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