Vintage Margay Cheetah

Just gauging interest in (what I believe) is a Margay Cheetah roller. I’ve had it for well over 25 years.
It was converted to a rear engine kart but done so without modifying the original frame.
The side engine mount is missing but the frame extension where the engine mounts/bolts has not been chopped off.
Original brakes are gone and now has a “snowmobile” type disc on the rear axle.
It’s in storage and I would pull it out for better pictures if someone was interested in it. Just shoot me a PM.
I’m putting a price of $500 OR Best Offer. I am not sure it’s worth so dont be afraid to make a reasonable offer.
Located in Cleveland, Oh and I will not ship. Will deliver/meet within 100 miles.
Again, if you are interested I can get better pictures.