Vintage Motorbike Club meet 2021 Portland Indiana

The grandaddy of all motorbike meets will once again be held June 16th thru June 19th. in Portland Indiana. This is the largest gathering of motorbikes, minibikes, and bicycles in the world. Ride, sell, swap,, it does not get any bigger or better then this meet.

Meet will be held at the Jay County Fairgrounds in Portland Indiana.

Official dates are the 16th- 19th but suggest you show up earlier, the gates will be open on the 14th.


I agree with you 100%. Many in the club and many other attendees are very disappointed in the date change. July has been the traditional dates.

The national Cushman meet is in Michigan the week before Portland and the VMBC board of directors feel that since people are fairly close by that it would be a easy for them to head over to Portland after the Cushman meet the following week.

You can come over to Portland early [monday-tuesday] which is highly recommended and leave late thursday, early friday which many do and still have time to make Windber.

Its always about the money with some.... if you get my drift.

I get your drift. Lol. So far I have talked with 3 different people that are not happy about the change. I always wanted to try that show but I am pretty dedicated to Windber. Just seems odd to change the date to the same as Windber that has been the same date for 21 years.