Vintage Motorbike Club meet in Portland Indiana

The Vintage Motorbike Club of America will be holding their 45th annual meet in Portland Indiana at the Jay County Fairgrounds on July 20th thru the 24th. The gates actually open on or around July 17th for early birds and is open to all types of bikes from bicycles to minibikes to scooters to full size motorcycles from all years however the main focus is mostly on bikes from the past.

This meet features more ride time, more cool stuff for viewing and more nice people in one place at one time then you will find at any meet, guaranteed. The meet is basically a huge swap-meet that features show bike judging, contests for the kids, riding on the paved grounds plus organized road rides and much more everyday.

Many minibike enthusiasts attend and no matter where you live you owe it to yourself to attend this meet because once you attend your first one you will return every year after.

Well, O.J., I couldn't have said it better myself! I have been a VMBC member for about fifteen years, and only missed one meet, and that's when my mother was on her deathbed. It is definitely THE premier event in my tri-state area; There are several good videos on YouTube from years past, filmed while cruising the grounds - worth a look!


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Good to hear that there will be an event this year. I thought it might have been cancelled since their website was taken down. We hope to be there if the weather permits.

The meet is definitely on and I would not be too concerned about the weather since the meet is held at a fairgrounds there are asphalt roads connecting all the vendors so you can walk or ride with no problems because they don't really have that much of a mud worry. Remember also as I said earlier they have road rides everyday opened to any bike and as long as its not raining their riding. You can get in more riding miles on this week then most will all summer long.


This meet is to old minibikes and motorbikes what the tractor/engine shows are to the tractor and engine fans, epic indeed !

You might even think of making a nice long vacation out of the week because you can head to Portland early in the week then head up 2 hrs. away to Wauseon Ohio for the Antique Motorcycle club of America meet at the Fulton County Fairgrounds.

On Friday night they have some of the best Vintage Flattrack motorcycle races in the country playing to a always packed grandstand plus more old motorcycles in one place then you have ever seen and huge swap meet to boot.

If you still haven't had enough two wheel fun you can head back to Portland for the remainder of the motorbike meet because it goes on till Monday.

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How does one secure a campsite for the event. Are they first come, first served or a specific spot rented in advance.


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Not a authority on logistics but I think camping is first come first serve and some spots do have electrical hook-ups. There is a camping fee.
There are showers on the grounds also for all of the primitive campers and every spot is a good spot because the ground in level and you can park right in the middle of the meet or go out back for a more private setting on the mowed grounds.

This is the phone numbers for the President of the club, Darren Chafin 419-642-3145 and meet coordinator John Oxley 765-348-1346. These fellows should be able to answer all of your questions.

Get ready for a good time and bring a good reliable bike because your going to have more fun and get in more riding then any other meet you will ever attend.



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Thanks OJ. I'll post what I find out. We have been there once before. Definitely a good time even though we didn't take bikes. Wore me out walking all over the place so this time we will ride.

That's kind of what I thought on the camping.

I have to say that one of the really neat parts of this meet aside from the shear size of it is that they let you ride all over town with no hassles. Its really funny to see a bunch of mini's backed up in front of a bar-restaurant like a bunch of full size choppers. Last year a group of about 8 of us rode by the Highway patrol parked on the side of the road and the officer waved at us. Now that's just too cool.


I've been going to Portland for over 15 years, and all you said is standard fare for this event. Everyone has a good time & rides a lot, and by excercising a little common sense, everyone gets along without any problems - no muss, no fuss, no drama. I plan on being there early this year, bringing some restored bikes for sale, some UNrestored stuff, and parts for sale. Looking forward to seeing all my minibike buddies and OldMiniBikes friends again this year - Please look me up, I'll be in one of the mini bike camps there on the grounds.....

Heading to Mid-Ohio for Vintage Motorcycle Days first week of July then packing up 2 weeks later for Portland and Wauseon. Can't wait for all 3 of these events. The amount of riding we will get in is just unbelievable plus because of the shear size of the swap meets at all of these events you never know what might show up. Will be looking for you at Portland.

Just starting to get over Mid-Ohio, it was unbelievable ! If you went you know, if you didn't you missed a good one.

Time to restock some supplies and start getting ready for Portland and Wauseon. Some folks will be already heading down to Portland on Sunday even though the meet doesn't officially open until Thursday. Probably go down on Tuesday and spend the week then run to Wauseon Friday morning for the swap meet and stay for the races then head back to Portland until Sunday.

Taryl, It sounds like the camp spots are a first come basis and you can bring and ride your vintage mini around as stated in previous posts in this thread. I will be there Saturday for my first time, very much looking forward to it.
Now that looks like it was a great event! Thanks for posting the photos. It is always interesting to see what the various parts of the nation are up to. :thumbsup: