Was this a kit or just home brew


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I picked this up about a year ago for the price of a cheap case of beer.
The seller had bought a farm and said he found it in the corner of the barn.
It certainly looked to have been there for a long while an he wanted nothing to do with it.

The whole kart looks like vintage parts and appears to be home brewed with its stick welded frame and unven bends.

The steering and axle seem too be more than extra parts. Perhaps part of a kit or something.
The seat is especially intriguing metal worked compound curves and the rivited on wood with small remanants of old frail upholstery.
Just the way its welded into the frame seems....like a kit.

It came with a older 5hp briggs i havent dated yet and this old tin soldered tank that has a cool sight glass on the side.
It was obvious the briggs was never mounted on the motor plate since the holes didnt match and they dont line up with any of the briggs or tecs i have.

Im definitely dont have experienced as alot on here so im curious if anyone seen or would know anything about it as there isn't anything identifying it.

I havent done anything to it except pile parts on it and stare at it so far.