weld a crank ?

I have an hs40 that I picked up but the crank was drilled and tapped off center, its a good running motor and its getting hard to locate these 4hp in my area, at this time I don't have the knowledge to replace the crank but was wondering if I can fill the 3/4" deep hole with the welder and drill and tap it? is this possible or is this not that big of an issue being off center or will it cause vibration causing damage to the side cover bushing if I use it like that?


It's not that big of an issue, but it does limit the methods available to retain the clutch to a flat washer. It wont affect balance to any degree you'd notice with a single cylinder flathead engine.
thanks guys happy to hear that, I figured the only real off center weight would be the head of the bolt and washer, but not having enough knowledge I was wondering if the weld could of been a possibility seeing the hole was only 3/4 deep, I won't worry about now it now and put this one into service thank you and have a great day.