West Grandrapids ride.

August 19 we had the 2nd annual west side minibike ride in the old neighborhood where i grew up riding my first minibike.Last year it was just 2 of us,this year 6 of us rode our minibikes through the old neighborhood for over an hour.The traffic was almost nonexistant,the roads of various terrain,And almost no breakdowns to speak of! But Steve Jackobson did loose his chain and that won him the "busted,broke or blown"award.We rode the streets for so long i thought we might be running low on gas,but we had plenty.We also had two legal bikes with us but next year i hope we have none!It makes it more fun.Maybe some of the riders can post their pictures.
The ride ended as a few raindrops fell,and we pulled into a riders garage.Thanks to all who attended,made it more fun.


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I've been meaning to post about this ride since the day that we had it, sorry.

I had a blast. Bunch of good ole boys.

I'll post some pictures tonite after work.


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Good looking bunch right there....Bikes I mean.:laugh: That is so cool you guys got it together with a 200% increase in ridership.:thumbsup:


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Here's a few pictures that I managed to snap.:thumbsup:

Todd, the guy in the green shirt, had his bird duck stolen earlier this year. So he was borrowing Paul H's manco rat minibike for the ride.

Today, by chance, I stopped in to my local small engine shop to check on some parts for a riding mower. The owner of the shop asked me to take a look at a minibike he had in for repairs. He wanted me to tell him what kind of bike it is. I knew right away what kind of bike it was...STOLEN!! It was Todd's bike, his bird duck. I'm going to do my best to see he gets it back so he can have it for next years ride.
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Here are a couple pictures of Todd in happier times before his bike got taken. Thanks to minibike detective Steve's dilligence,he can ride his bike at next years Ride!:scooter:
I'm bummed I missed the oppertunity to ride with you folks, looks like ya had a great time! Jeep had given me a call but I was over in Lansing that day visiting my daughter, let me know when you pick a date for next years ride and I will lock it in!......:thumbsup:.......I'll bring 3 or 4 riders with me and we'll double the attendence again!...........Anytime you local maniacs want to get together give me a shout........Tom.........616-914-2693.
Westside grandrapids ride

Paul h. organized a fantastic Westside Grand Rapids ride. I had a blast. I prefer to ride a real USA mini bike, but I was the puss with the street legal Honda Trail 70. I guess I did not get the outlaw request memo. Breaking the law is always more exciting, but I have been popped on the road and they through the book at me. #1. Confiscated my bike $ ("careful don't scratch it"), #2. operating a motor vehicle on a state highway without a registration $$ and #3. the BIG one, operating a motor vehicle on a state highway without insurance = day in court + $$$. ("State highway my butt. It was a gravel road") I could have bought three mini bikes for the amount of cabbage that all cost. Note; For the record, this did not happen in Grand Rapids. Anyway, maybe next year there will be so many of us if we would have a unlikely encounter with the law it would be easer to let all us go rather then to deal with a ton of paper work. Safety in numbers?

ps, Thanks to Steve, Paul h's brother Todd has been reunited with his stolen mini bike.

Have fun, IRV