What ~$1,000 196-212cc mini bike should I get Coleman rb200? monster moto frame? massimo?

Hi all.
I really wanted a gas mini bike for years and finally ready to spend up to $1,000.
I need help what to get. I haven't really dove deep into searching yet but figured I'd ask here too.

I wanted the Coleman rb200 196cc when it first came out, they used to be all over Walmart website for only like $600 shipped but they seem to have disappeared from everywhere.
Initial rb200 reviews said the wheel hub broke which is the last thing I need.
I emailed Coleman but they had no explanation why the rb200 seems to be discontinued, I was hoping they fixed the wheel hub and were rolling out more but it's been like a year.
Newer reviews don't mention the wheel hub breaking, only certain batches did or something so if I can secure an RB200 I might get that because I really like the beefy look and feel. Will be using for trails and some side street.
I figure parts from Coleman are easier to get years later and not be screwed with something I can't get parts for, but Monster Moto, Massimo, etc might actually be more reliable for parts later?

I like the rb200 doesn't look too much like a motorcycle with a fake gas tank I don't really want but I think 196-212cc is main thing and not something too small like 100cc although I could have fun with that too but don't want to feel like I'm on a kids bike I'm about 5' 9" 165.

I eventually want to modify the engine to give it more take off speed, I don't really need it to go faster than like 30 MPH in case there's a mod for that but I hope to at least give it more take off speed. I'm pretty good with engines plus YouTube videos make it easy.
I have a harbor freight nearby I can get the engine from if I decide to get just a frame. I read some frame kits have way better brakes that the premade 196-212cc bikes.

I have a tractor supply nearby also and they have some mini bikes and I think I can order to the store free delivery whatever their website shows because they barely have anything at the store.
I will say if your trail riding your gonna want a torque converter so much better on hills
And if you buy one with a 196 it's gonna have a 16mm crank which you will need the adapter or new crank toget a tc on it


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Hello and welcome to the show!

Before you make that purchase try to find a bike on places like offerup and Craigslist for a deal. The Mega Moto 212 and a couple others are pretty much the same big frame bike just different name.
Wow kudo's to you for asking first! Your in the right place welcome to the madness. There's a wealth of info here that is totally mind boggling to say the least. You show a lot of patience unlike myself! :confused:
It's more than a grand, but the MB Trailmaster 200 sold by Go Power Sports
has suspension front and rear, hydrolic disk brake,and a torque converter as standard equipment. It's 196 cc but the shaft is 3/4 ". I took and did a modest build on mine, flywheel, rod, cam, valve springs, and a stage one kit.
I am 74 years old and ride mine all over the southern California desert. No regrets. It's been a good dependable bike for almost 3 years.
I think the motovox 80 is a great platform that lends itself well to custom builds I’ve done 2,you can stretch them easy..front suspension juice brakes etc
The last roller I bought from GPS with hydraulic front suspension cost me less that 400 bucks 212 tilly e start around 300 that leaves you 300 bucks to play with mods and upgrades and you could have a killer one off useable minibike
I also did a mega moto 212 pro roller with suspension and that was a fun cool build too
Whatever you choose 1000 bucks more than gets you in the game….and though I’ve been lurking on the forum and just now felt comfortable posting…
The folks on here are soo knowledgeable and willing to help
Have fun in your garage !!
I'm leaning towards something like a 196-212cc coleman BT200X, with front shocks for the woods, but no faux gas tank.

Reason is I'll basically be illegally using this on side streets and the ones with gas tanks scream ARREST ME for riding a motorcycle illegally!
They look too much like a chopper and not a mini bike but the bt200x etc are still 196cc same power but kinda looks like a toy or how I think a mini bike should.

In NJ if you have a regular drivers license which I do, you can legally without any registration etc ride a 49cc moped that doesn't exceed 25MPH, and must have PEDALS anywhere you can legally ride a bicycle.
My main argument is despite it's 196cc-212cc, 4 cycles are very slow compared to 49cc 2 cycle and ultimately can't do over 25MPH (I think they do go over 25 and I also might mod it especially for faster pick up) but basically they're slow pick-up and I honestly don't even want to go fast other than having decent pick up, and will wear a helmet and not ride like an idiot.
I've seen a local cop let some guy on an RB200 go no problem and basically only showed up because I think he triggered a back of the school motion security camera around night time when I was walking the dog near the woods.

The ones with pedals are like overpriced and hard to find and tires no good for woods. Plus these mini bikes are built stronger, I could buy some vintage moped that meets the requirements but then have to worry about it falling apart while riding. I think a mini bike not going fast is also much safer than electric long boards and scooters I see some guys using.

The woods I plan on riding are state/town owed and thus illegal for dirt bikes (basically everything in NJ is illegal for dirtbikes) but an eagle scout mapped out trails which means to me you can ride a bicycle on them and thus a pedal 49cc under 25MPH.

In the 90s I had a FA50 49cc moped I rode those woods with (and side roads), it went 30MPH. I let my brother take it for a spin and a cop followed him back, gave him every ticket possible, no helmet, no moped license, unregistered vehicle etc. A few months prior my friend rode by some lady babysitting she screamed at him not to come around there again. When my brother took it for a spin he passed that house was having a BBQ with off duty cop(s) and that's how that happened basically. Towed my moped also and we ended up gifting it to the tow company. At court all charges were dropped, lawyer walked behind judge's desk and snitched on some guy drinking in a car in the parking lot who was with some other guy in court I noticed looked hammered who was in there for some drug thing or something, in exchange for charges dropped apparently, or that's what the lawyer said at least and as we were leaving some guy in parking lot was getting arrested, maybe lawyer used it as an excuse instead of basically saying he's buddy buddy with the judge.

The TrailMaster MB200-2 might be one of the best larger mini bike options and already has torque converter and maybe faster pick up sprocket and maybe better brakes but again I think I can talk my way out of trouble easier if I'm not riding a chopper clone.

Highly unlikely but I do want fast pick up in woods in case there's some wacko runs after me or something or even a bear charges I can get away faster. Plus it's just no fun taking off so slow, I was considering even a tiny 100cc for the 'talk my way out of it factor' since I don't want fast top speed anyway but at 165 lbs the videos I've seen it'll basically be like using a kids tricycle plus having to kick off to get going.

Not sure the make and model but i read something about a kit without engine someone said was better than colemans etc because the brakes (not sure if hydraulic or what is best) and something about the light not flickering or something.
There might be some frame kit that doesn't look like a chopper that I can basically get the best brakes, light, torque converter/pick up and put a 196-212cc on it but for now I might just get the BT200X or similar. Because I want something NOW to ride while it's still sort of Summer and don't want to make a project first.

I've also been looking at 125cc Apollo dirt bike because they have good pickup but that really screams arrest me for street riding. again I don't even want to go fast at all, just cruise for fun, but dirt bike on street = trouble, but it would have faster pick up, but from some videos of 196cc-212cc mini bikes seem to have good enough pick up but not sure if modded.
Much prefer wide tires of pit bikes though for snow riding etc than a dirtbike.

I also have to research engines if I go custom/kit route because I can get from harbor freight a cheap 212cc predator for like $150 but i see 212 Tillotson Racing Engine is like $450 and not sure the difference, likely way faster pickup but maybe can mod a predator and torquer convert it good enough. And I want something ASAP so will likely go BT200X just for now and if I upgrade I'm ok with losing a couple hundred or whatever on a resale.

edit, I would still buy the coleman RB200 despite it looks like a chopper too but not as much as the ones with gas tanks but I can likely just remove the fake gas tank if the better ones (brakes, light flicker, torque, parts availability, sprocket, etc) have it and problem solved.
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The Coleman 200's are designed for slow speed trail riding. Depending on the trails you are riding you may find out that you don't need any mods. They are just too slow for street riding. A torque converter is nice because it does help for trail riding and if the bike is put on the road there's extra speed.


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The BT200X is a fantastic frame. My daughter rides hers all over the yard and such without issue. It pulls up the hills fine.

Stock form they are slow, painfully slow. 18-19mph and a dream.

Throw a Torque convertor on, 10-60 gearing, a stage 1 kit, and you should be near the upper 30s maybe into 40-41 without an issue. It will loft the front wheel when you want it to, and accelerate pretty good for a mini bike. This is how my CT200U is set up and it runs through the woods and trails like you wouldn't believe.

My town has 40-45mph speed limits and I run right with traffic and accelerate without issue.