What belt are you running on your Heald Super Bronc VT-8?

I just picked up a fairly complete VT-8 at a great price. Unfortunately it was missing the belt on the Comet 30 with a 6" driven. Reading around it seems that belt size is critical. At $30 each for a good belt, it would be nice to get it right on the first belt. If you have a VT-8 please post what belt you run and how you like it. If you have had a bad experience with a belt, let's hear about that too.
Thank you for the replies. I measured 7.875 on what appears to be an original Comet 30 with a 6" driven and that is between the sizes for the 200421A and 200422A belts. Go figure.
found How to Select the Correct Comet Belt

at : https://www.gokartsupply.com/tcbelts.htm

and found out how to handle the belt size gap:

"Should your machine's center distance fall between the center distance settings listed here, select from the two belts, the one with the larger outside circumference (O.C.) for best wear and to avoid machine "creep" during idling. "
Skipp...your chart is for for the Comet TC88 with symmetrical belt and the Comet 30 is asymmetrical. So my post #4 should have had the belt numbers of 203591A and 203592A.