Where To Get A Honda Engine For My Mini?

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Gx it is!

Lol @massacre ain't that the truth!
But hey still a good thread none the less.
I've learned alot 'bout Hondas and where to get them, modability, reliability and got to see pics of the guts of one, win win situation for all no?
Did the Smart Guys here not answer the original question before it got hijacked? Then gained alot more knowledge?

You can also look for a used GX off of a press washer ect. ect., Mark.
Might be able to find one for a really good deal, from a fool that didn't know what he had,, like on CL , in the ''farm & garden'' section ect.. ;)
GX - 200 off of like a Simpson ''pro'' press. washer, has the perfect crank output size on it, for Mini's & Karts,, for the clutches ect.

Most of the ''genuine'' replacement engine internals for them are surprisingly cheap !
Probably because of stock piles of OEM parts all over the place for them,, because they hardly ever break ect.
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