Who Carries the 410-350X 6 Tires

Who Carries the 410-350X 6 Tires Universal tread.

Im looking for new Tires for my Cat Dominator.

Im not interested in the Stud type tread.


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the only tire tread types are Ribbed, Studded, Turf, and slicks. I have a brand new set of Cheng Shin racing slicks if that is what you are looking for.
Just wanted to be sure on the pattern bro ... Just like my Bonanza tires but in the 4.10 - 3.50 ... I'll take a look around ... Did you try the Mathison's yet ??


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Mac has got a set of new ones on a rupp he is selling they are the universal 410 350 x 6 I seen them but never paid attention. He is selling the whole bike for a cheap price, tires come with it for free, LOL