Who has the Black Mamba Jr Cam & 26LB Springs for HEMI In Stock?


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26#springs are easy . but isky did have the jr avail for a couple days but not now !! i have a new sr. for sale if you are interested :thumbsup:
Is there anything else like the Black Mamba Jr Cam out there? I have a new in the box BSP-1 Cam /w18# springs. Is it worth doing?

My Hemi mods are nothing special
Intake Kit
Jet Kit
Billet Flywheel
Billet Rod
Gearing 12/60T
Would like to find a cam. I don't wanna give up low end grunt though. Mostly trail riding and a occasional high speed road run.


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I've put posts on Facebook and tried to get Tim to fulfill our orders with no luck. I know he works with Charles on these grinds and they clearly work. I just can't figure why you would sell on Ebay with fees when you have a large company willing to buy large numbers of your product?
they are not even available on his site at the moment !!! think he might just be moving overflow ??? when i spoke with him recently he said he is swamped trying to fill big orders and is not even taking custom work at the moment :thumbsup:
I have a black mamba jr in one of my old motors, not selling it though. Great cam but took me a while to get it. Check out the NR274-0207 it's a great alternative. I do have an old NR274-0607 laying around if you're interested. But that's more of an all around cam not a low end.
I emailed him and I directed to Ebay. I bought it and have it on its way. Besides 26lb springs do I need anything else? Retainers, shims ect. I have no idea hoping to just be told what to buy:)