Why Do Tires Wear More On Chain Side?

More load on the bearing on the sprocket side = prematurely worn out bearing= slightly cocked rear wheel=worn out tire.

Sound plausible ???.....me thinks so. :shrug:
With the extra weight of the chain , sprocket and clutch the bike is heavier on that side.

Here is a little experiment to try ---
#1 take the cushions off of your couch and place them on either side of the bike
#2 place a level acrossed the frame tubes
#3 Let go of the bike , Which way did it fall ?

This is the heavy side and the tire will wear quicker on this side.

To remidy this problem you need to do one of two options.

#1 drill holes in the frame or engine plate on the heavy side to lighten it or
#2 pack the frame rails on the light side with sand, concrete or lead.

I have been doing this for years and my tires wear out dead even.
It makes wheelies effortless and staight as an arrow.


Please let me know how you make out
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