Will lighting coil and work on this engine?

Hello everyone. I recently blew the original engine on my Baja warrior. I removed the flywheel, lighting coils and ignition coils. I want to know if the flywheel from the old engine will work on the new one. The current engine I am using is a power fist 212cc, and it appears to be similar to a hemi predator engine.



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The Powerfist is electric start so I assumed it had coils for keeping a battery charged and would work as for lighting coils. Did you put it on your Baja warrior? Curious to how it worked out in the end. Considering getting one just for the electric start feature.
It may work. The 196cc engines and hemi Predators have the same flywheel taper so flywheels are interchangeable between the two. You'll just need to confirm your engine uses the same crank as the hemi one.

I would not run it without confirming that due to safety reasons.