Would anyone here be interested in a Minibike meet in Maryland?

Would anyone be interested in a Minibike event in Maryland?

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When I get The proper vehicle to carry Minibikes,Tools,Spare Parts'
I will Gladly try to attend an event 4-5 hours away from me.
Unfortunately it won't be anytime soon as I have been unable to find a suitable location. However, I am still looking for one as is fellow forum member, MB165. Also, be sure and post some pics of your Manco when it I finished.

Shawn, I live in Maryland an would love to see more shows here. I realize this is a real old message, but I’m a newbie and trying to meet new folks and start to attend some meets. Looks like there is a good contingent of mini bikers here in Maryland. Did anything come of your effort to host an event here? John
Hello all,
While checking out the Minibike Events, I noticed there were none here in Maryland. So I talked with fellow forum member MB165 about it and he agreed that having a Minibike Event here in Md. would be cool. So I am doing a poll to see what the interest would be.
I'm in Baltimore this would be great. I know a guy in VA that would be intrested also.
I just got a call back from the gentleman that owns the off road race park and wants to set up a meeting for next week if possible and go over what would be involved to host an event. But he did say he would be open to it. I'll post back after I meet with him.
Meanwhile, here is the website. Wicomico Motor Sports Park
They have a couple of different dirt tracks as well as some really cool wooded trails and shaded camp sites on the premises.

Sounds nice.