WTB Racing Kart Exhaust for Clinton Panter A400

Clinton E65 engine exhaust (PN 170-121) is ideal but needs to be priced as exhaust and not a collectable.
Any GEM, Palmini or other aftermarket open exhaust ok too as long as it fits.
Yes I have the muffler off of my Clinton Panther and it looks just like your lower picture.
The E65 had an open megaphone type exhaust and it will fit the A400 and A490 series Clinton Panthers.
What I am looking for is a kart racing muffler. Not a lawnmower muffler. Thanks for your help.
The lawnmower muffle will bolt to your A400. The E65 muffler will not bolt to your A400.
People used to drill a few holes in the end of the cast aluminum mower muffler and use them on karts.
Note where the bolts are located in the two pictures I posted to help you in your search.

Good luck.
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That megaphone you are looking for came from an old chainsaw.
You can buy a whole saw for parts on Ebay for less that a couple hundred bucks, keep what you want and sell the rest.
A good welding shop could remove the mounting ears from an E65 megaphone and weld them on the sides so it would fit an A400.
I have been looking for one to fit my A400, so I understand your problem.
Have fun and be safe. Dave


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Clinton E65 and Power Products AH58 have the same bolt pattern for the exhaust flange. They dont come around often, and when they do they exceed my price range. I do happen to have a nice reproduction Clinton A400,A490,A500 series Azusa megaphone header I am willing to let go of.