WTB Tecumseh HM-80

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and things you should never have to pickup off the road...

Unfortunately, Tecumsehs are very infamous for that. There are plenty of medium frame 8hp Tec engines on snowblowers. I've obtained several non-working blowers with good engines from Craigslist for $50 or less.
These are the two closest numbers I've came up with... either way looks to be a 7hp?

143.646032 H70-130183A
143.646062 H70-130013B

or maybe not...

HM80-155038A,HM80-155038A, 155038A-HM80, 143-646052 Craftsman

Also I pulled the recoil cover and this engine doesn't have a coiled mounted outside the flywheel... not sure how different that is than my HM80
Thanks... I just found a Sears/Craftsman cross reference PDF.

I believe it does have a 3/4 pto, however currently there is a sleeve all crusted and rusted onto it... should be interesting trying to get it off...
Well looks like the Sears HM-80 may turn out to be a parts engine...... Confirmed my suspicions and it is a tapered shaft. The points are also really crusty. I'd like to find a newer engine with the points-less ignition. Unfortunately I can't even use this block because it doesn't have the mounting points cast into it...

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The tapered shaft crank engine uses a different side cover than my original HM80 too. The the original one had the 2nd pulley on the cam that I just cut off. So I could do it, but I'd have to use the cam as well.

Does anyone know if this ARC rod will work in an HM80? or if they make a rod that works? I tried calling, but got their machine.
6287 ARC Rod, Tecumseh Formula 4.45X.626

I plan on beating the hell out of this and want the engine to live...... My Efenel with the HM80 was pretty rowdy and pulled the front tire with ease before I blew it up