x 90

Hello too all little motor enthusiest. Im starting an old man ..x 90 project . I picked up a 1973 x 90 after my family telling me im too old too ride motorcycles anymore. I had an accident on my motorcycle 3 years ago and decided i will ride again. Its a 1973 x90. I bought it,registared, and insured it. Now my goal is too ride it around my neighborhood only.
As i have been looking over this machine ,it seems as though everything is looks. So for the first day i tightened muffler,wheels,forks, etc. I did find right side cover loose also. I removed and resealed it. I have also clraned the gas tank. No I understand motorcycles but my question for this little bike is the oil. It has an auto oil injection pump( so Im not sure what oil at todays standards would br best too use. Also i need too fill the right side with oil. And with todays oils Im not sure what oil too put in the clutch cover? If this was a 1973 harley big twin I would use straight 50 wt. ( non synyhetic). If anyone has any suggestion I would be glad too hear them. Also whe starting this i need too verify injection pump is working. ThereforeI need a special blend too pre mix while purging oil injection pump.
I also have a back up injection pump incase the one on the bike is bad. I have a final qustion. Should I just skip the injection unit and just run a constant pre mix or use injection pump. Sorry for such a long post but It has been a long time since I rode anything and I m pretty excited too be close too starting. Thanks 16761375419757712077681226342470.jpg
Yamaha makes a "YamaLube" for oil injection. Just make sure it says for injection.
If you do bypass the injector, leave it on the bike and plug the lines. (worth more $)
They are pretty good bikes, I think the X90 made about 10-11 horsepower, made by Aermacchi.
Harley bought Aermacchi and won 250cc world road racing for 3 years straight in the 1970s.
When AMF bought Harley in 1978, AMF sold Aermacchi which became Caviga