Your views on Kohler

Have it, yes. But it has been taken apart for a while now as I moved in '07 and it couldnt come with me. Hence the lack of "action" video requests by the screaming users on my youtube videos!


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Some of the new Kohlers (like the one you're interested in) are actually made in China. That doesn't mean they're bad, they're made by Kohler in China. Many of the new Briggs and Hondas are made in China too. The previous smaller models (CS Pro) were really Yamaha engines. All the Kohlers, made wherever or by whoever, are really good engines.
I'm old enough to remember the Kohler 2 strokes.

The K 660 one of many engines that left me hard of hearing lol.

I had a soft spot for them but they also lost out in the snow machine wars
when i worked at the mower shop i asked the mechanic/owner there about throwing one on a bike. I guess people were coming in with blown rings and spun bearings... you think mowing all day long wont burn any oil go figure. being around all kinds of dirt and particles.

I have one,16hp(i think) 2 cyl. a 5000w generator in my backyard that i got for $150 because it was "seized" sat in my yard for about 2 years. I messed around with it, the generator motor was rusted frozen so i managed to get that all freed up and i took the carb and cleaned it.....started in 2 pulls no lies. smoked for about 2 minutes and it was running like a champ.
I have a ride on mower tractor with a Kohler Engine that is 19 Horsepower and like 596cc. Was thinking can I take the Engine out of the tractor and get it to fit into a mini bike frame ? I know that engine is kinda big compared to a mini bike frame so even if I could squeeze it in the frame it would probably be hanging out on both side making it very awkward to try to balance and not have your legs resting on it while trying to ride. Maybe for a yard kart or go kart ?

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One of my friends sometimes borrows a 4 foot log splitter with a giant cast iron single cylinder Kohler and it's quite the strong machine and runs perfect despite being older than me. I also have the non racing engine the Kohler XKE was based on but I gave up finding any aftermarket racing parts for it a while ago. There is no aftermarket support for this engine anymore but it's not a common motor to run across, so I understand why.
The motor is also a bit strange looking, very square and boxy, so it wouldn't be a motor I'd really want to use in a bike or kart anyway.


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Rebuilt & worked on more than a few Kohler's, years ago ...

Pretty much thought the ''smaller ones'' were a weak construction.

Would take an old Tec. or Briggs. over those ''smaller ones'' any day.

Their ''old'' Large engines were pretty stout though.


Have a Buddy that raced a ''$ht & Git'' lawn tractor years ago, with a ''big'' Kohler engine in it,, - '' Go Kart slicks & everything'',, but can't remember the size...

I kind'a remember the ''big'' old Tillotson carb that I tweaked & set up on it though.
The carb was about the size that you would put on old hot rod Harley's.

Thing was frigg'n fast !
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